The Legend of Zelda Posters

Have you saved Zelda in The Legend of Zelda yet

For the real fans of The Legend of Zelda you will find a wide collection with posters of your favorite characters on Link is ready to fight again and save Zelda. Is The Legend of Zelda not your favorite game after all? Then take a look at our collection of Fallout posters.

What is The Legend of Zelda?

The first game of The Legend of Zelda was released in 1986. Due to the overwhelming success of this first game, many new games followed, most for the Nintendo console. In these games you play Link, a young adventurer, who has to save the princess Zelda from the villain, Ganondorf. You can save the princess by solving puzzles and winning battles. We can imagine that as a fan just playing the game is not enough for you. So that you can also enjoy the game when you're not gaming, we have a nice collection of The Legend of Zelda posters.

Which The Legend of Zelda posters do you choose?

In our collection you will find, among other things, a poster with the world map of the Wild Hyrule. Hang this poster in your game room, so that you can follow where in the world you are at that moment during the games. Or opt for a cool poster, where Link is ready to fight with his bow and arrow. With the posters with stained glass images you bring more color into the room. One of these posters is 91.5 centimeters wide and 30.4 centimeters high and consists of six different windows with images of Link. A beautiful addition to your bedroom or hallway.