Edward Hopper Art Print

Discover the world of Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper, a big name in the art world. Hopper was an American artist who mainly made paintings with typical American themes. A cross between realism and the American scene, he was a true connoisseur of his craft. Hopper's artworks often reflect a desolate atmosphere. The people depicted in the paintings never look completely happy. They are together, yet always alone. Hopper often focused on the isolation of an individual.

Create atmosphere with the art of Edward Hopper

Hopper was way ahead of his time when it started. He wanted to show what society looked like in his eyes. Because of this way of thinking he made beautiful paintings. Paintings that give you a certain feeling. By hanging a work by Hopper on your wall, you immediately get a completely different atmosphere. For many people it has a certain serenity. For example, take a look at the painting Nighthawks. A typical New York cafe at night is painted on this.

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