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Framing Diamond Painting

Is your diamond painting finally finished and you don't know what to do with it? Frame this! A diamond painting is super beautiful to frame. How do you choose a photo frame for your diamond painting? It is important to choose a photo frame that fits the dimensions of your diamond painting. This prevents the image from not showing up properly or from the frame being too large or too small. In addition, it is also useful to pay attention to the material and color of the frame, so that it fits well with the style of the diamond painting and the room in which you want to hang it.

For example, choose a neutral frame if you want to focus on the image itself, or go for a striking frame if you want to make a statement. It is also useful to look at the hanging options of the frame, so that you can easily attach it to the wall. In short, when choosing a photo frame for your diamond painting, it is important to pay close attention to the dimensions, material, color and hanging options. This way you can ensure that your diamond painting comes into its own and becomes a real eye-catcher in your interior.

Which frames are suitable for a Diamond Painting

Diamond stones are of course somewhat thicker than a photo or a poster. As a result, not every list is suitable. It is therefore important to read carefully what the profile height of the frame is when purchasing the frame. In our range of photo frames above we have made a selection of photo frames that are suitable for Diamond Painting.

With us you can choose from four different materials: plastic, aluminum, wood and MDF. Our photo frames are equipped with an anti-reflex plastic glass, which may cause the diamond painting to appear a bit blurry up close. The list types Evry and Bordeaux are not suitable for diamond paintings. The height of the profile of these frames is not high enough to place a diamond painting in addition to the glass on the back wall.

Our photo frames are available in 66 standard sizes: from small photo frames of 25x35 cm to larger photo frames of 50x50 cm, 40x80 cm and 75x100 cm. Does your diamond painting have a different size? Then you can have the photo frame custom made. You can enter any desired size up to a maximum size of 80x100 cm. This way you will undoubtedly find the best solution for your diamond painting.

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Don't hesitate any longer and frame your Diamond Painting

The result will not only be a beautiful work of art to hang on the wall, but it will also be a tangible reminder of the time and energy you put into creating the diamond painting. Every glittering stone and carefully placed piece will now forever be captured and admired by all who see it.

Framing your diamond painting gives it an extra touch of elegance and makes it a truly unique and personal piece. So what are you waiting for? Get out that photo frame and give your diamond painting the presentation it deserves! With a beautiful photo frame you can really show off your work of art! Do you have any questions or would you like some more information about a product? Then you can always contact our helpful customer service.